Increase efficiency and optimize workflow

Whether you are a small lab on a local clinic or running a large commercial laboratory, Phadia Laboratory Systems will help you meet any request in an efficient manner.

Increase efficiency and optimize workflow

EliA and ImmunoCAP assays are processed automatically on the Phadia instruments minimizing hands-on time and shortening lead times for increased efficiency. The instruments are available for labs demanding a test capacity from single samples up to 40 000 tests/day.

Phadia Laboratory Systems increase flexibility

When using Phadia Laboratory Systems you can run allergy (ImmunoCAP) and autoimmunity assays (EliA) together and in parallel on the same instrument. Fully automated but still allowing for single sample runs and constant random access Phadia instruments offer high flexibility to meet specific needs. All instruments, from Phadia 100 to Phadia 5000, are managed by the same software (Phadia Information Data Manager) which allows seamless scalability, clustering possibilities and communication between Phadia instruments at different sites. 

This all helps to improve the workflow in your lab, to minimize the operational costs and to increase efficiency.

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Ensure continual high productivity

The proven Phadia Laboratory Systems ensure high productivity strengthened by sharp software solutions specifically designed to simplify your daily routine and to secure a high instrument up time. Online monitoring and real time communication is available with Phadia LabCommunity.


As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.