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Code: f320
Latin name: Astacus astacus
Source material: Boiled meat and shell from crayfish
Family: Astacidae
Several studies indicate cross-reactivity between crayfish and other crustaceans.

Allergen Exposure

Crayfish are supplied fresh, frozen or cooked, whole or peeled.
Geographical distribution
In freshwater, all over the world.

Potential Cross-Reactivity

Literature on the allergens of the Louisiana crayish (USA) indicates cross-reactivity with other crustaceans. (1-5).
The name crayfish or crawfish is mainly used for freshwater crustaceans similar in appearance to clawed lobsters but in most cases much smaller. There are many species all around the world and many are farmed in large scale and supplied frozen, fresh or cooked, whole or peeled. Although the name crayfish should be reserved for members of the genera Cambarus (North America, eastern part) and Astacus (Europe and North America, western part), it is frequently used for other crustaceans and may also refer to spiny lobster (langust, Rf304).
Literature on the allergens of the Louisiana crayfish (USA) indicates cross-reactivity with other crustaceans (1-5).


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