Blue mussel

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Code: f37
Latin name: Mytilus edulis
Source material: Canned mussel
Family: Mytilidae
Mussels are found in cooler waters all over the world.

Allergen Exposure

Meat from mussel.

Potential Cross-Reactivity

Some cross-reactivity to oyster, Ostrea edulis (f290) could be expected.

Clinical Experience

IgE-mediated reactions
IgE-mediated reactions have been reported.
Other reactions
Seafood may contain high levels of histamine.
Mussels enjoy a worldwide distribution in cooler seas where they attach themselves to solid objects or one another by threads. M. edulis has been cultivated in Europe since the 13th century. It requires one year to reach maturity in warmer seas, and as much as 3 years in cooler seas such as off the coast of Wales. The mussel is highly productive in culture and ranges from the Pacific ocean, both sides of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
Skin reactivity and specific IgE have been reported to mussel (1, 2). Some crossreactivity to oyster, Ostrea edulis, (f290) could be expected.


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