Sheep's milk

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Code: f325
Latin name: Ovis spp.
Source material: Sheep's milk
Fifteen out of sixteen cow´s milk allergic patients had IgE antibodies against sheep’s milk.

Allergen Exposure

Sheep's cheese, and other dairy products.
Unexpected exposure
Sometimes included in infant formulas.

Potential Cross-Reactivity

Crossreactivity between sheep's milk and cow's milk and whey might be expected.

Milk from other related animals.
Sheep’s milk is sometimes recommended as a substitute for cow’s milk in atopic children. However, 15/16 cows´s milk allergic patients had IgE antibodies against sheep’s milk. Crossreactivity with cow’s milk was confirmed in RAST® inhibition (1). Serum albumin and caseins show homology to the corresponding proteins of cow and sheep (2). Milking sheep can cause IgE mediated respiratory problems in milk allergic individuals (3).


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