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Source material: Goat's milk
Some cow's milk allergic children may tolerate goat's milk.

Allergen Exposure

Goat's milk, cheese and other dairy products.

Potential Cross-Reactivity

Milk from related animals.

Clinical Experience

IgE-mediated reactions
IgE-mediated reactions have been reported.
Goat’s milk often appears as a substitute for cow’s milk, particularly in diets administered by parents to children with atopic dermatitis (1). Some cow’s milk-allergic children may tolerate goat’s milk (2). However, there appears to be evidence for crossreactivity between goat’s milk and cow’s milk (3). In a study of crossreactivity of the casein fractions among different species, the IgE response to ewe and goat’s milk was weaker than that to cow and buffalo (4).
14/16 patients with cow’s milk allergy had specific IgE antibodies to goat’s milk (5). Serum albumin and caseins show homology to the corresponding proteins of cow and sheep (6).


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