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Sardine (Pilchard) f308

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Code: f313
Latin name: Engraulis encrasicolus
Source material: Whole fish
Family: Engraulidae
The names Anchovis or Ansjovis are used in Germany and Scandinavia for spice-cured sprat (Sprattus sprattus) or small herring.

Potential Cross-Reactivity

Species within groups of fish, like Gadiformes (examples: codfish and hake) and Scombroid fishes (examples: mackerel and tuna) seem to share allergenic components. The overlap of allergen specificity between the groups seems to be moderate or even small.

Only 35% of a group of codfish-sensitive children showed sensitivity to anchovy.

Clinical Experience

Anchovy has a high content of histamine.
The anchovy is usually around 12-16 cm in length. They are found in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas and migrate to the North Sea. The names Anchovis or Ansjovis are used in Germany and Scandinavia for spicecured sprat (Sprattus sprattus) or small herring.  See also sardine, f308.Only 35% of a group of codfish sensitive children showed sensitivity to anchovy (1). In another study, skin testing with a commercial anchovy extract was reported to give false positive results in 75% of non-atopic controls (2), presumably because ofthe high content of histamine (3).


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As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.