Take the diagnosis and management of walnut allergic patients to a whole new level.

Use ImmunoCAP Components to:

  • Identify primary walnut sensitization
  • Improve the risk assessment using allergen components
  • Improve management of walnut allergic patients

Walnut Components

Complete Allergens


ImmunoCAP Components:  
Storage Proteins   Jug r 1 (f441)

Heat and digestion stable

Highly abundant in walnut

Associated with systemic reactions

LTP   Jug r 3 (f442)

Heat and digestion stable

Associated with local as well as systemic reactions


Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP  Allergen components help you differentiate between ”true” allergies and cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

A better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and define the optimal treatment.

Make a difference

Proper management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.