Take the diagnosis and management of grass pollen-allergic patients to a whole new level.

Use ImmunoCAP Components to

  • Verify “true” grass pollen sensitization
  • Identify patients for appropriate SIT treatment
  • Improve patient management and quality of life

Grass Components

Complete Allergen g6  
ImmunoCAP Components:  
Major specific grass component

Phl p 1

Phl p 5b

Specific components for grass

Indication for grass pollen SIT

Specific grass component

Phl p 2

Phl p 4

Phl p 6

Phl p 11

Specific components for grass

Limited data on SIT

Cross-reactive grass component

Phl p 7

Phl p 12

Cross-reactive allergen components

Often minor allergens which may not be available in sufficient amount in the SIT extract


Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP Allergen components help you differentiate between ”true” allergies and cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

A better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and define the optimal treatment.

Make a difference

Proper management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.