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The ever-increasing number of allergens identified baffles the allergists trying to establish their clinical relevance. Moreover, many of these allergens exist in different isoforms, which may vary in their geographic distribution and differ in their interactions with the immune system. Both scientists and clinicians urgently require simple and validated tests to determine the presence of sensitization to such newly identified allergens in individual patients or the prevalence of sensitization in relevant populations.

Streptavidin ImmunoCAP is a new tool for coupling of biotinylated allergens, which can be used for detection of IgE antibodies to new allergens. IgE antibody values, obtained with Streptavidin ImmunoCAP coupled with wheat and rye flour, were on average as high as the results with conventional ImmunoCAP of wheat (f4) and rye (f5). Using Streptavidin ImmunoCAP, the advantages of the ImmunoCAP technology can now be utilized with new allergens, or with allergens for which tests are not commercially available.

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As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.