Take the diagnosis and management of soy allergic patients to a whole new level.

Use ImmunoCAP Components to:

  • Better identification of the soy-allergic patient
  • Improved patient management 

Soy Components

Complete Allergens f14  
ImmunoCAP Components:  
Storage Proteins 

Gly m 5 (f431)

Gly m 6 (f432)

Associated with systemic reactions

Stable to heat and digestion

PR-10 Protein   Gly m 4* (f353)

Associated with local reactions (e.g. OAS)

Labile to heat and digestion

Associated with allergy to birch and birch related tree pollens

* Systemic reactions may occur, particularly in patients allergic to birch-related tree pollens when consuming high amounts of lowprocessed soy, e.g. soy milk.


Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP Allergen components help you differentiate between ”true” allergies and cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

A better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and define the optimal treatment.

Make a difference

Proper management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life. 


As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.