Taking allergy testing to a whole new level with ImmunoCAP Molecular Allergology


Molecular Allergology is the field of allergy science that uses single allergen proteins, or components, for testing. With ImmunoCAP allergens and allergen components, precise, quantitative detection of IgE antibodies is possible.

Quantification of IgE antibodies to single allergen components allows the assessment of:

  • Risk of severe allergic reaction
  • Cross-reactivity patterns
  • Suitability for specific immunotherapy (SIT) 

For an example on how a risk assessment of peanut and hazelnut allergy was performed using ImmunoCAP Allergens and Allergen Components, click the call out to the right and read Case Study 1 Bernard - Food Allergy.

For more information, read our folder Molecular Allergology - Allergy as you've never seen it  (pdf)