Who should I test for allergy?

At any one time, up to 50 % of the population present with symptoms associated with allergy, but only about 1 in 4 suffer from IgE-mediated allergy, many unknowingly – which ones are they?


An ImmunoCAP blood test can be a valuable tool in making a clear and correct differentiation between those patients that have symptoms related to allergies and those who do not. These differentiations are prerequisites for optimising patient management and ensure evidence based, safe and cost effective treatment and avoid prescription of unnecessary medication, such as antihistamines or antibiotics. The blood test can be performed irrespective of the patient’s age, medication or skin condition.

Typical situations where a blood test can be of high value may include:

  • patients with persistent and/or recurrent symptoms
  • patients not responding to treatment
  • patients telling about anaphylactic like symptoms

Next time you have a patient that presents with allergic symptoms and consider prescribing medication, start by ordering a blood test to find out the cause.