Reliable results with ImmunoCAP

Built on a unique technology, ImmunoCAP is widely acknowledged as gold standard in allergy testing, offering highly accurate and consistent test results.

ImmunoCAP test results with excellent clinical value

ImmunoCAP gives truly quantitative results that are directly transferrable to the clinical setting which has been recognized by international guidelines.

The Pharmacia CAP System is in world wide use and is a de facto standard to which other methods are compared.” Dolen WK. Allergy 2003.

ImmunoCAP – a highly perfected technology

Designed as sandwich assays, the solid phase of ImmunoCAP ensures binding of all, but only relevant antibodies. This is achieved through an extreme binding capacity in combination with an optimal amount of cellulose in each ImmunoCAP vial.

The solid phase coupled to our standardized allergen source material and recombinant allergen components ensures highly consistent test results over time, between countries and Phadia instruments.

Consistency over time. Comparison between results obtained in Pharmacia CAP System in 1987, in Phadia 100 in 1995 and in Phadia 250 in 2007.


As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.