Use components to identify patients for appropriate olive pollen SIT

Most olive pollen-allergic patients are polysensitized to several tree, weed or grass pollen allergens, and case histories do not always suggest clearly which pollens are causing the symptoms.

Moreover, a positive olive pollen extract test may be a result of cross-reactivity and not of genuine olive pollen extract sensitization.

ImmunoCAP Components will help you:

  • Resolve multiple positivity to pollen tests:
  • Identify primary sensitizations among different pollens
  • Facilitate the identification of patients and the selection of appropriate extracts for SIT

ImmunoCAP Olive

Complete Extract t9  
ImmunoCAP Components:    
Specific Components  Ole e 1

Trypsin inhibitor-like protein 

Major olive pollen allergen 

Also marker for ash, lilac and privet sensitization

 Ole e 7

nsLTP (Lipid transfer protein) 

Associated with severe respiratory reactions

Limited cross-reactivity to other nsLTPs

Ole e 9

1,3 beta-glucanase

Relevant component in highly exposed populations

Associated with severe respiratory reactions

Cross-reactive Components Polcalcin

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Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP Allergen components help you differentiate "true" allergies from cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

Better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and define the optimal treatment

Make a difference

More informed management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.