Resolve unclear case histories of allergy to furry animals

The case histories of pet-allergic patients do not always suggest clearly which animal(s) is causing the symptoms. Furthermore, many patients allergic to furry animals are positive to several pet-dander extracts such as cat, dog and horse.

ImmunoCAP Components will help you:

• Resolve multiple positivity to pet extracts

• Define primary sensitizer(s) and understand cross-reactions to pets to:

  • Improve pet-allergen avoidance advice
  • Facilitate the identification of patients and the selection of appropriate extracts for immunotherapy

ImmunoCAP Cat Dander

Complete Extract e1  
ImmunoCAP Components:
Specific components

Fel d 1

Define true sensitization

Fel d 4

Cross-reactive Components Fel d 2 – Serum albumin

ImmunoCAP Dog Dander

Complete Extract e5  
ImmunoCAP Components: 
Specific components 

Can f 1

Define true sensitization


Can f 2


Can f 5

Cross-reactive components

Can f 3

Serum albumin

ImmunoCAP Horse Dander

Complete Extract e3  
ImmunoCAP Components:
Specific Components Equ c 1  


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Make a precise assessment

ImmunoCAP Allergen components help you differentiate "true" allergies from cross-reactivity.

Make a substantiated decision

Better differentiation helps you give relevant advice and define the optimal treatment.

Make a difference

More informed management helps you improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life.