Phadia Microarray Image Analysis (Phadia MIA) Software

Phadia Microarray Image Analysis (Phadia MIA) is specially developed result evaluation software for microarray assays including automatic handling of requests, results, calculations and statistics for dedicated in vitro diagnostic tests performed on microarrays. Phadia MIA is the tool to evaluate and present results of ImmunoCAP ISAC microarray assays.
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Simple handling

  • Automatic evaluation of results from processing microarray images
  • Automatic analysis,calculation and visualization of results
  • Customized patient reports presenting the microarray results

Phadia MIA facilitates comprehensive allergy testing

Phadia MIA is easy-to-use software that automatically visualizes scanned microarray images, then translates the image intensities into antibody concentrations and presents them in a results report. The patient results are presented in a number of different report forms customized to meet the doctor's or laboratory's demands.

Principal functionality

Phadia MIA is software for PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The software supports USB communication with one connected scanner but can also be used as a stand-alone analysis tool for microarray image data created by other scanner instruments. Result data are stored in a database and can be exported to Phadia IDM, text-based files and printed reports.