ImmunoCAP ISAC Xplain – result guidance when you need it

ImmunoCAP ISAC Xplain is the first result interpretation support system on the market for molecular allergy diagnostics.
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ImmunoCAP ISAC Xplain extracts from a database the allergen information most relevant to the patient in focus. It is add-on software that delivers evidence-based guidance on the results report to:

  • Ease the interpretation burden
  • Increase your knowledge of molecular allergology
  • Save time

ImmunoCAP ISAC Xplain answers the following questions:

  • Is the molecule species specific or cross-reactive, i.e. need I consider one or many widely different allergen sources and, if the latter, which?
  • Is the molecule stable and therefore also prone to elicit reactions to heated food?
  • What type of reaction is the molecule commonly associated with: no (asymptomatic), local or systemic?

The ISAC Xplain knowledge base is based on recent literature and has been approved by allergy specialists in more than 10 countries.