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As an active member of international scientific and clinical communities, we continually share and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Sharing this knowledge with our customers is one of our top priorities.

Official partner of PreventCD

Prevention is better than cure.

PreventCD is a European scientific research project focusing on the prevention of coeliac disease. The project is studying the influence of the dietary history in the prevention of coeliac disease: the possibilities for the induction of tolerance for gluten in children genetically predisposed to coeliac disease.

The European Union is funding this research project (EU-FP6-2005-FOOD4B-contract no. 036383), which will be performed by ten European countries (Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Israel, Hungary, Croatia, Germany and Norway) in cooperation with the AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies).

EASI – the European Autoimmunity Standardization Initiative

EASI consists of a group of dedicated scientists and practitioners from laboratories, clinics or healthcare authorities from various European countries who are interested in collaborating to improve the diagnostics of autoimmune and rheumatoid disorders.

The EASI network was founded in 2001, supported by Phadia, now Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Allan Wiik (SSI Denmark), and the fruitful cooperation has continued ever since.


If you wish to share your ideas and experiences in autoimmunity diagnostics, please contact your local office or our partner in your country.

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