Responding to the need for autoimmunity blood testing

Efficient autoimmunity testing tools can have a major impact on a doctor’s diagnostic decisions, making an equally major difference in patient care.

These tools can help detect a condition early in its development, enabling patients to get valuable help to live their lives to the fullest sooner. For children already struggling to cope with gastrointestinal pain and nausea, autoimmunity testing can mean a life more quickly returned to normal.

And for a person losing weeks at a time to debilitatingly painful joints, the test can be a valuable support in the diagnostic process and offer guidance towards optimal treatment.

EliA – highly advanced test technology

At the Centre of Excellence in Freiburg, Germany, advanced techniques such as recombinant gene technology are used to develop the latest in standardized, precise, reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tests.

Autoantibody tests for most common autoimmune diseases, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease and connective tissue diseases, are offered in the fully automated EliA system.

EliA tests performed on Phadia Laboratory Systems provide results quickly, which helps prevent a lengthy diagnostic period filled with ineffective treatments and worsening health. And that can make life a lot easier for someone living with an autoimmune disease.