The benefits of an ImmunoCAP blood test

A blood test is a powerful tool in making an adequate diagnosis that can improve your patient’s health and well-being. An ImmunoCAP blood test has several clinical benefits.


A blood test is quick and simple. Unlike traditional skin-prick testing, an ImmunoCAP blood test can be performed irrespective of a patient's age, skin condition, medication, symptom, disease activity and pregnancy.


A blood test will help you know for sure if it is allergy or not. If it is allergy, it will also tell in detail what the patient is allergic to. Technical evidence clearly demonstrate that ImmunoCAP is the way to precicely measure IgE antibodies and consistently gives correct results.

Quantitative results

With ImmunoCAP allergens and allergen components, precise, quantitative, low-level detection of specific IgE antibodies is possible.

The quantitative result can help predict and follow the disease development, estimate the risk of a severe reaction and explain cross-reactivity.

The blood test is performed without procedure variations, and the results are of excellent standardization.


As in all diagnostic testing, the diagnosis is made by the physican based on both test results and the patient history.